Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a well-designed tablet with powerful speakers, a responsive screen, and expandable storage. Whenever you have a second-generation product (Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is the first), you expect it to be better than the first in terms of everything – hardware, software, design and aesthetics. With Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Review

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (32gb white) is the best tablet in the market right now. Others have claimed it a nifty personal computer that fits in your hand – and with all its features listed below, that statement might just be true! Product Features: 10.1-inch, 2560×1600 resolution display with […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7 inch Review

Weighing just 12 ounces and sporting a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen display, the Galaxy Tab 2 runs on the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system and is powered by a 1.0 GHz dual-core processor to help you achieve maximum usage across various demanding applications. Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS 7-inch Multitouch Screen (1024 x 600) […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 10.1 Inch Review

This thin, lightweight Samsung Galaxy Tab 3  Android tablet features a 10.1-inch touch display along with the same familiar interface as other Samsung Galaxy devices, making it easy to use. You can use it to quickly browse the web, watch movies, read e-books, or download apps from Google Play. Product Features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean […]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 - 7 inch Review

“Samsung’s third generation of Galaxy Tab series is highly anticipated and for this price point phenomenal.” Engage and entertain the entire family with the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 tablet from Samsung. This thin, lightweight Android tablet features a 7-inch touch display along with the same familiar interface as other Samsung Galaxy devices, making it easy […]

Kindle Cases, Covers, and Accessories

Kindle skins, cases, and covers Maybe you just got a new Kindle as a gift or you’ve bought one for yourself, or maybe you know someone with a Kindle and you want to buy them an accessory as a gift. How will you know what the best Kindle covers are or for what model they […]

Originally marketed for laptops or notebooks, this USB FlyLight 2.0 works with any USB port that provides power, which may include your Nook, Sony Reader, or Kindle. With eight ultra-bright LEDs are mounted atop a flexible gooseneck that’s easy to position and a built-in dimmer control, it is also easier to control brightness. The energy-efficient […]

E-Reader cases can come in many different materials, hard and soft, and can perform many different functions. Cases differ from covers in that the e-book reader must be removed from the case in order to be used, whereas a cover just needs opened, but both are made primarily to protect your e-reader and to add […]

Amazon Kindle 2 Silicone Skin Case Gel Cover Non-Slip surface provides a firm Grip While Holding on to the e-reader mobile device Protects Your Kindle e-reader From Daily Scratches Appropriate Openings for 6 inch Screen and All Ports & Buttons Silicone does not break down the way natural rubber will from oxidation, is very heat […]

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