Common Problems and Fixes for Rooting Coby Kyros Tablet PCs

I’ve compiled a short list of common problems mods encounter when rooting their Coby Kyros tablets.

If you just want to add the Android Market, follow these instructions, or you can always install the Amazon Appstore and get Android apps like Angry Birds and Amazon gives a paid app for free every day.

Use the following information at your own risk. We are not responsible for what you do to your device. Rooting also voids your warranty with Coby and always runs the risk of bricking your device. Proceed with caution.

Command “adb shell” keeps saying “error: device not found” 

If you’re stuck on the command, “adb shell” saying “error: device not found” type “adb kill-server” and try again.

RATC is looping  ”wait for device”

If you’re having issues with “wait for device” or if RATC (RATC stands for Remote Access Telnet Command) is looping, try this:

Unplug your USB Cable
Go to Settings > Applications > Development
Uncheck USB Debugging
Plug in your USB Cable
Unplug your USB Cable
Check USB Debugging
Plug in your USB Cable

Can’t find the ADB drivers for Telechips devices

If you need the ADB driver install for Telechips devices, here are the ADB Telechips drivers (TCC ADB DRIVER 32.ZIP).

What is the most reliable way to root a Coby Kyros tablet?

The most reliable to root a Coby Tablet is to install the ADB drivers and then run SuperOneClick. If you run Microsoft Windows XP, install .NET Framework v2.0 or above. If you run Mac or another Linux flavor, make sure you install Mono.

For you linux users, to get ADB working, install these libraries:

apt-get install lib32ncurses5
apt-get install lib32stdc++

If you run ubuntu, see this.

How to install Mono on linux:

apt-get install mono

Install WinForms 2.0 for Mono
apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil

Mark adblinux as executable
chmod 755 adblinux

Open application with mono:
For v1.5.1, it has to be launched from the same working directory as adblinux, so open terminal, browse to the folder and type
sudo mono SuperOneClick.exe


Warning, this app may set off some anti virus software:

rageagainstthecage is a root exploit via a fork bomb. It IS a potentially malicious payload, BUT it is being used with owner’s consent to root the phone.

The DreamDroid malware uses exactly same payload – they are trojans, but this is a helpful tool. It IS a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, but this is a root exploit, so you should exercise common sense and a little understanding of what it does and how it works.

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  1. Pat says:

    Why can’t I find any information on my Coby Kyros MID 7014 tablet?
    I used to be able to get the apps lib but now it says my tablet is not compatible. This is a real pain.

  2. Valerie Walker says:

    I rooted my Coby Kyros 9742.Since then my axis are inverted.My camera doesn’t work and neither does my wifi.Can anyone help please.

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